Ryan Cruz

Conversion-Focused Growth Hacker & Sales Funnel Architect


Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada



You are confident and proud of what you do because you know you're making an impact in this world with your business. So am I. I sincerely believe that the world needs more strategies that will help solve REAL problems that people are facing. Not strategies that seldom work and that are just theories without proven results. NOT MANY DIGITAL MARKETERS ARE WILLING TO GUARANTEE RESULTS... My landing pages, sales funnels and digital marketing campaigns have been used in driving results for million-dollar companies. I've sold millions of dollars worth of products and services in the last few years working in this industry. Throughout this period, I've learned that people are NOT getting enough sales and leads because: - They struggle with NOT getting enough traffic (Traffic is really NOT a problem if you know where to look) - They don't understand their customers (Most people ASSUME they know their customers instead of learning their Pains, Problems, Fears) - They don't have an offer that people wants (No matter how good your product or service is, if it's something that your customers doesn't want, they won't buy it) - They know how to put their offer in front of the right people (If no one can see what you have to offer, you won't get results) So what does it take for people to become a lead and customer for your business? You need to do these 3 steps: - Understand your customer - Create an Offer They Can't Refuse - Put The Offer in Front of Them. These 3 steps are the key to making lots of leads and sales for your business. Most business that struggles with getting more sales and leads are missing one or more of these steps. I've mastered these steps after spending over 8 years in the digital marketing industry, being mentioned in the biggest SEO/SEM blogs today as well as being a Certified 5pecialist (Certified in the 5 Areas of Google Adwords: Search, Display, Mobile, Google Shopping and Youtube Advertising). I've also spoken in various digital marketing seminars as well as built my own online business into a 6-figures venture. There are many ways to increase your website sales and leads. It's my specialty. And here's my proven framework on how I do this. - Understanding Your Customers - I'm not going to ASSUME what your customers want. I'll want to DEEPLY understand their motivations, fears, problems, pains, goals and dreams. I'll use the language that they use to immediately build rapport and connection. - Crafting an Offer They Can't Refuse - Knowing and understanding your customers will help you understand where they are right now in the buying cycle. Some are looking for information on how to solve their problems, others are already comparing different solutions, and some are ready to buy any moment, they just need the extra nudge and push. I'll help you create "funnels" that presents your offer in a way that connects with your customer's current buying cycle. - Put the Offer in Front of Them - This is the fun part and if you've done the first two steps properly, this step will be very easy to implement. The demographic and customer research done initially will help you find "where your customers are". That's where you get traffic from. - Design, Social Proof, Split-Testing... I could go on all day. I live, eat, and breathe digital marketing, traffic generation strategies, and conversion optimization strategies. But I'd rather start discussing your project... One more thing, though. Here's my Full disclosure: I stay very busy, and very RARELY have time to take on a new client. And I screen very carefully to make sure it's a good fit. So if you something in a rush, or on a very tight budget, or you've got a product/service that isn't yet proven in the marketplace, sorry I have to turn you down. It will save us both time, energy and money. Otherwise, if you think you have a business that will help change the world (for better), feel free to contact me using one of the buttons at the top of the page and I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP. Cheers, Ryan


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